Firehouse Exhaust Removal Systems
Diesel exhaust in a firehouse is a fire fighter’s most significant cancer health risk and could be a serious legal liability for the fire department.

Learn how to eliminate this hazard from your firehouse with a vehicle exhaust capture and removal system.
Welding Fume Extraction Systems
Welding fumes contain several contaminants which mix with the air we inhale and enter the human body through the lungs.

Learn how to eliminate this hazard from your work shop with a welding fume extraction system.
Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems
Vehicle Exhaust is at your facility can pose long term health risks to your employees.

Learn how to eliminate this hazard from your facility with a vehicle exhaust removal system.
Commercial Air Purification/Filtration Systems
Indoor air is continually polluted by unpleasant odors, microorganisms, toner dust and other small particles which can pose long term health risks.

Learn how to eliminate this hazard from your office or indoor commercial space with a air purification/filtration system.
High Volume Fans
Large High Volume Low Speed Fans (HVLS) provide maximum air movement for energy savings and an creating an ideal indoor environment.

Learn how to save money on your Heating & Cooling with one or multiple HVLS fans.
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AFG Grants

Expected Release Date Summer of 2016



Grant Assistance Program Options

Grant Research and Review FREE

Includes customized grant research specific to the departments funding needs,1:1 unlimited by personalized grant consulting from Senior Grant Consultants, Direct assistance for departments with their grant application, Grant Experts will provide unlimited reviews of departments entire grant application and provide specific feedback.  

Grant Writing Assistance Fee Based*

A Fire Grants Help team will write the targeted grant narrative sections based on information provided from the department, Grant Experts will provide unlimited reviews of department¬ís application before final submission. In most cases grant writing can be included as part of the funding requested. If your project is turned down the first time, they offer one complimentary rewrite for your project  
*Special Pricing for Fire Grants Help Sponsored by
Air Cleaning Systems

For more information on grant assistance and AFG rules & tools visit AFG Grant.

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